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important update :O

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 22, 2017, 7:37 PM
Hello everyone!
once again, long time no see

Man, sometimes I feel like i need to write one long apology and thank you letter to all the kind people around here, for being so patient and supportive through all this craze i been through.
I'm certainly starting to feel better but still, im having troubles at being all kinds of social, so please don't be offended if I take too long to reply a message, I'm not ignoring you,  but right now I need to put a lot fo will and effort into do some interaction with other people, so it may take a while for me to respond.
Not fun when your life turns into a roller coaster, but the good news is that im  getting constant and proper medication and help to handle it, im doing the best to be a proper and functional human being, it can be quite draining sometimes... but i don't want to go deeper onto this stuff or I'm going to start having some stinky anxiety, because you know, this kind of issues  are things that take a while to be fixed, i feel weird just thinking its almost a year now.
i will need to keep working a lot to get through all of it, i will need to make tons of changes in my life and sometimes just thinking about makes it harder.
but you are not going to hear me talk about this that often, i don't want to become my illness, nor i want it to take more room on my life than what it is already taking, so from this point i will focus on what i came here to do in the first place, which is share art and enjoy it.  but please don't assume, just because i don't mention those issues it means im a healthy super human, so please be patient with me.
i have hopes that everything will go better from this point tho, so yay.

so lets get back into business
how are things going to work now regarding my work?

As stated before, at the time you may not see me that active in social media.
the easiest way to contact me is through my mail, ( on my commission's FAQ) notes here on deviant may take a while to get answered as im not coming that often either, if you don't mind waiting a note here will do the work.
you will see me the most active answering messages and comments when i get around to post something,
i rarely go into tumblr at this point unless i have something to post, im a little more active on Facebook but i go mostly to answer private messages.  i have plans to add more items on my etsy in the near future although all finished plushies will be sold here in deviant after posted (when i state so)through deviant notes. when im selling plushies i do get through those notes faster to avoid any inconvenience to buyers :o

now here is the most important part :O
along with the mentioned issues my back is still not doing well :/ all the stress im going through its no good for the body, and its quite on pain, and my hands are feeling a bit odd lately T_T
into an attempt to reduce anxiety and stress i have come to the quite hard choice  to close commissions indefinitely until i stop feeling so wicked,  sadly working on commissions can sometimes bring me lots of anxiety in one way or another, and im worried it may also start affecting the quality of my work :/.  ill be focused on personal projects which give me much freedom and less anxiety, some may be placed for sale, after all i still need to pay the bills and debt which are driving me crazy X/
although, due to my debt and regular payments i have to make, if you are interested in a plushie i have made before (thus i already have a pattern for it) like mew or Toothless or so, please send me  a note, and if at the time my health is doing well we can arrange something, but again its all subject to my health at the time.

this got me into thinking about a patreon, one not focused on plushies only but into all the different art media i use, although what takes me back from doing it is that with my current bad social state i don't see myself being able to keep up to it, nor i have an idea on what to offer for perks, which  only leads to anxiety which im trying to avoid, ugh.
but if you would like to support  me you can always share my work  around, that helps a ton,  or even please, consider supporting me on it would mean a ton to me 

Regarding trades, i want to complete those that i have already agreed upon, but just as commission, they will remain closed.

I can't think on anything else right now
i just want some rest 

thanks again everyone for your kindness and support!
hope you are doing great

Top Bird

Hello everyone!
hope you are doing well

Me? well... I'm not sure where to start.
Im not someone that likes to bring her personal life happenings into the internet, but right now many parts of my life are being affected.
I really don't want to go into detail, i won't.
But i can tell you this past July was simply horrible, horrible I tell you and i ended having an anxiety/stress crisis, it got bad, pretty bad.
If i was able to submit my latest plushie onto my gallery was simply because the photos were already taken and edited.
but boy, by the time it went up i was already pretty crushed.
I'm now in medication and getting help, thankfully my family has been really supportive, and that has helped a lot, but I'm certainly not at my 100%, gee i don't feel I'm even at my 40%! or even less.
my body is in pain, my mind can't focus,  and my emotions won't help. i cant get to work, even responding to messages is a big effort, i feel so drained all the time. i hate it.
After talking with some friends, family and doctor i have come to the conclusion that i do need to take some time out, i need to do something about my current physical and mental health, i haven't really done much for myself in the past years regarding those matters and things went bad. those issues were already making me slow but now I really went up my limits.

Because of this, and really not wanting too, and after thinking about it over and over again and being advised by other artists... im really sorry to announce that i will be canceling many if not most commissions request from my current list and waiting list, they are adding extra amounts of pressure and stress to my already high levels.  feeling constantly guilty that i own people, that I'm failing at completing things, that there is so much to do and that im being slowed down by my health its certainly not helping.
I'm so sorry I'm doing this, I'm really so sorry, after all the time you been waiting, i feel terrible about it. but right now i feel that i just can't handle the work nor the stress that comes when i work on commissions, i cant.
I'm way too much of a stressful person and that is something i hope i can change too.

If I'm not canceling them all is simply because this is still my main and only income, and after some events from July I'm now in debt and can't just go around not working at all.
I'm not canceling commissions that have been already paid nor those that have been already started. 
I may not cancel a few if i consider they aren't too demanding but ill see.
im not happy about this, I'm sad and angry, but in the long run i kind of need it.

Ill be individually messaging all commissioners to apologize and to let them know more details on the next days/week.
then ill make public the new list.
Once im finished with it and depending on how my situation is ill let you know if ill go open for commissions again and when.
Does that mean you won't see much of me around?
I'll try my best to stay in contact, and reply to direct messages, you can contact me through etsy, facebook, here and via mail.
but i won't be very active in general.   I do read all you comments and i really appreciate all of your kind words, thank you so much for taking the time to write.
That doesn't mean you won't be seeing more works from me
when i work on small and personal projects i come up with (like my felt fox and other little silly things) it becomes quite therapeutical, so some more of that kind of work may come around, and as i mention before i still need to keep working to pay the bills, so some of those works may also be placed for sale.

Ill try and do my best to keep you updated on how things go
Im so sorry once again for all of this.
Thanks so far for reading and being so patient
I hope you are doing well and having a good time


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Im still here!, a couple updates !

Tue Jul 28, 2015, 2:00 PM
Top Bird

Hello everyone!

and most of all...
Thank you everyone for your wonderful birthday wishes!
thanks you for taking the time to write me and thanks for being so kind, each message made me so happy :D
its always wonderful to get messages and notes showing that people care n_n

im sorry i wasnt able to reply erlier ;_;
as you may have noticed i have been completely absent for the last couple of months, specially this last one. 
i been working hard but i been encountered some issues regarding my health :/
you may have heard me complain about pain in the back, well it turns out i have scoliosis D:  
that is when your spine is shaped like and "S" its not that obvious, i mean i was aware i had some odd posture that became quite obvious when i was tired, but never though i was actually twisted o.O
i had gone to the doctor due to chronic pain in the past, but never took things that seriously :P
just recently that pain came back, its one that is so strong you can barely move >_< i used to be ok, but lately due to the long hours expended in the same position while sewing and working til late had let to this troubles :/
im still arranging an appointment with a specialist. i wil be needing help from a chiropractic, the are a couple we know that are pretty good, they have helped several family members a couple times.
because of this situation the amount of time i can expend in certain position (siting, standing, laying down, etc.) its quite limited, sometimes even a photo session for the plushies can end with some pain, and of course i can only expend some hours sitting on my working table Booooooo, so right now im focusing more onto crafting that into coming to deviant. specially now that i need to afford the specialist treatment which wont be cheap  :/

Now the important part is how this will affect my work...

Right now im editing and finishing the last touches for some photos of my latest plushie, she is a pony i been working as a side project for moths now
She will be up for auction this week, and the funds will help me pay for the first part of the treatment i need for my back.
i think i mentioned her before :o, if you could help me sharing her deviant page once the auction is up to bring more attention that would be awesome.
afterwards and to keep affording the treatment (it would be a long one) i will keep making some really cool plushies for direct sale with a set price and others for auctions, some are personal projects and crazy ideas i been wishing to make for some time now, im really exited about them :D

I will start working more with a schedule, i really need to take the best from the time i will have available for work. 
To avoid making people wait too long for replys and notes ill may be scheduling that too, im sorry i have been making people wait for so long!
im currently working on answering the most i can, thanks you so much for incredible patience!

Ill be going back to working on commissions starting where i left the work.
As mentioned before personal project plushies will also be important so i been working on these and commissions at the same time.
i need to update my current commission list to be sure all is good.  once they are done and depending on how are things going with my health i may change the way i work with them.
if everything goes well with my back ill be able to get faster as time goes, and if i can focus enough and use my time wisely ill be able to get a good rhythm.
my goal is to finish everything before the year ends or much earlier

Quite important is that i been changing my payment plans policy after encountering some issues.
Ill be updating the info soon, so please be sure to check it, this is mostly relevant for those who take part in auctions.

Some time ago i mentioned i was working on a project that would interest all you people who want to try their hand at making plushies
i been working on it a lot  and if everything goes well it will be ready next month, i hope you like it, will give more info about it later :)

That is all that comes yo my head right now :o
there may be other things around but these are the most important atm.

Thanks once again to everyone for your kind comments, your watchs and interest in my work :)
thanks you much for all your support, specially when things get messy and slow :P

Hope you are having a grate time and some sweet sunny days n_n
Talk to you soon!

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Chuby Toothless Givaway winner!

Sat Feb 28, 2015, 10:18 PM
Top Bird

What? wats that?
that i had something important to do today?

oh yes!!  the winner of the giveaway right? right?

hmmm.. i wonder who will win hmm..

i want to know

do you want to know?

i do want to know

who else would like to know?

i bet many people would like to know

i wonder how many people would like to now..

hmmm its seems that im just teasing you right?

am i ?


Remember to be good sports! so harassment or angry comments will be allowed!  and could get you blocked!
winners are chosen completely by random! 

anyways, enough nonsense, our lucky winner  is....

:iconreilah: !!!!!!

Congrats to our first winner hooray!!! 

and as promised, a second one would be choosen if enough people became part of our giveaway! (we got around 900 participants!)
so our second winner is!!!....

:iconlisatoms: !!!

grate congrats to the winners!!
you are the winners of a Chubby Toothless!!  you can choose to have either the laying down one or sitting style!  :D
ill be making them specially for you!

Dont forget!  you have until Tuesday 3th to get back to me. other wise another winner will be choosen :)
ill be sending you a note shortly!

Thank you everyone once again for all your support and for being part of this giveaway!
its was really difficult to me to choose just two winner, wish i could give something nice to everyone!

Thanks once again to everyone!!

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Top Bird

Wow! it was all so exiting!
I need to thank you everyone, this couldn't have been such a success without you!
I was surprised by the number of people coming around for the giveaway, not the mention those interested on the auction!
Thank you so so much!
and thank you even more for all your wonderful comments, words of support and reprise of my work, im humbled and bursting with happiness :D i cant wait to get more things finished, i hope they all put a smile on your faces and enjoy them as much :D
I really don't know what to say to thank you!
Thank you!!!

And now about the giveaway
its now officially closed 
ill finish arranging all names and everything and the winner will be announced on Saturday!
be sure to check out my journal that day :) i may be choosing two winners due to the amount of people who entered!! hooray!

Stay tuned for more plushies and giveaway winners!

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Toothless auction and giveaway info.

Wed Feb 18, 2015, 12:33 AM
Top Bird

I thought its now time to give more info on the upcoming Toothless auction and Giveaway :)

The auction
       - if everything goes according to the plan it will take place on the 19th
It will take place here on Deviant as a "Silent auction"
  it starts the moment i place the deviation about the OOAK Toothless plush on my gallery with all the details about him :)
     Ill be making a custom box on my profile where the  higher bid will be displayed for your convenience
    To Bid you dont need to have an account on deviant, bidding will take place through mail, submit your higher bid to :  with "TOOTHLESS AUCTION" on the title  
        i will notify you right away  if you get outbid,  all names, mails and info will be confidential.
 No sniping, The auction will extend  if a bid is placed in the last moment, Final bid must stand 30 min.

payments:  Made through paypal, payment plans are available, if you are interested on them ill recommend to ask any questions in advance.

Shipping:   FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!!! *  as the winner youll probably be expending a lot on him already so this is a  little gesture to say thank you! n_n
*unless you want the services of a special carrier (DHL, Fedex, etc) they tend to be rather expensive :o
You will be provided with a Tracking number when the package is shipped!

- Remember he is a OOAK, no exact copies will be made and cannot be requested as commission.

The giveaway

It will take place the day of the auction
    the details on how to participate will be posted on the deviation of OOAk Toothless
        anyone can participate!  ill cover the cost for shipping worldwide 

Any questions feel free to ask :)

Thank you so much for your interest and thank you so much for your time!!

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Ooak large Toothless auction

Wed Feb 4, 2015, 3:12 PM
Top Bird

Next week ill be finishing a really big Toothless plush
i been working on him for a while, his pattern is completely new and will have a special feature i been planing to add to him for a while now :D
he is intended as a One of a Kind so i wont be making any replicas of him 
i really love how ge is looking! :D
i may be posting teaser pics of him here and on facebook.
im so exitef to get this fella finished!! 

Im considering a give away to promote his auction a little more
the prices would be a couple "chubby toothless" plushies that you havent seen before! They are from a new developed pattern That makes them super resistant , that is 100%cuddly super huggable and extra cute! :3 

So what do you say?
did i get your attention? 

Let me know!
and have an awesome day!


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Whats up next...

Tue Jan 20, 2015, 8:22 PM
Top Bird

During 2014 i started and left unfinished a lot of plushies
they were personal projects but as i felt i should only focus on commissions while working on them i ended leaving them aside and forgetting about them.
well... not really forgetting because you cannot forget about something that is taking your working space as hostage D:
I have 3 working tables on my studio, all 3 are completely covered with all these plushies, i barely have any room left to work!! its making me even more slow :/
its ridiculous! D: i canot have peace on mind o_o
for the next couple of weeks ill be working on all those projects to get them finished
Most of them are on the early stages of sewing and stuffing around 60% done, just a couple are at 40% and other even 80%
my hopes are to finish ALL of them on the next weeks as they have a lot of progress done :)
There will be pokemons, ponys, pony villians and toothlesseseses :P
they all will be for sale :D

Once most of them are finished ill go back into commissions
meanwhile i may only work on the ones that have been already payd

My sincere apologizes to all my commissioners and people waiting for them to go open
i feel like im making you wait too much :(

but once this is sorted i hope thing will go a lot smoother and fast than before.

Hope you are doing well :D
and having a grate time!!

BTW!!!!  does any one from Australia has seen one of those giant Myers Toothless for sale?? or even the smaller ones only released on your country?
i been looking for one with no luck T_T

Thanks again for reading! :D

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Yipity yipity yipity

Thu Jan 8, 2015, 7:28 AM
Top Bird

No I'm not going to try to write a title that make sense any more XD

so... How thing went for you this holidays?
i hope you had lots of fun!
amd after some brake, tons of food, cold weather, family visits and what's not it time to get to work again.

if you have sent me a note on the last months I'm now working to get a reply to all the ones I missed.
ill get beck to work on commissions, It was good to have a little brake I started to have some naughty pain on my wrist.
but as much as I would love to get al commissions first I also can't stop working on personal projects, I'm always worried of people getting angry at my if they see some of my random work  before their requested commission. I have tried really, but if I stop pursuing  my own vision and what my creativity comes up with I start feeling tired and frustrated,  I simply can't give away that freedom... And can be messy cause I get new and new ideas all the time o_o 
Ill do my best to try to find a balance between them.

Also, I'm going to start being a little more selective, instead of taking commissions for every thing I'm requested to do,  I May now be choosing them, to be able to work better for everyone.
in the last past months due to several things going around things got a bit crazy as I became the main and only source of income for the house, it was quite stressful and worrisome, it led to me getting on a little debt. I'm not sure how long things will keep this way,  so I hope now I'll be able to work things better with this changes :p

Sorry if I sound kind of weird
i haven't sleep for like... 24 hours?  Just trying to think how to make things work is making my brain hurt.
and I still need to take a lot of important decisions.

oh my does it sounds like I'm complaining? No no! I'm just trying to arrange my ideas with you guys And let you know what's going around here. :P

anyway I'm hoping I will learn how to grate journals that don't seem so boring XD
well better be good at my artwork than my journal writing skills :p

so expect more ponies, toothless, pokemon and toothless plushies and some random work soon :)

now if you excuse me, ill go and run around in circles while screaming to try to clear my head XD

have an awesome start of 2015
and may you be less crazy than how I feel I'm right now @_@


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a little brake

Sat Nov 1, 2014, 1:01 AM
Top Bird


this is  quick little message to keep everyone updated as i havent been answering lots of messages
i was getting sick once again due to some stress and pressure i been under, dont want to go onto detail right now.
as you may be aware now im a really stressful person and there are always consequences to my health and my work.
so i took the last two weeks to have a rest, im slowly getting back on move with all the work
hope ill be answering all messages soon.

have a grate weekend!

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Current commission list

Thu Oct 2, 2014, 4:50 PM
Top Bird

Hello there!
how you doing

I just finished editing and fixing my commission list to place it here on my profile page.

There are several works on progress i hope ill be finishing on the next days
my goal is to finish at least all the ones that i have already patterns for this month, hope i can make it.

Ill be adding my trade list and i decided to also write down some of my personal projects, but only the ones im hoping to make next,
these of course are always subject to changes.
The ones i wan to finish first are some that i been working on or wanted to make for a long time.
I have a Steampunk Rarity, i started her more than two and a half years ago, she was intended to be on the traveling pony museum, i was about to finish her but i got to stressed and worried about the flaws she had and decided to fully scrap her and left her aside D:, now that i have a new body patter for the ponies i think she would turn out much better and want to re make her and maybe re-use her gown and accessories.
Another one would be Chrysalis, i been wanting to make her science she appeared on the show, i did started one but as i wasn`t fully pleased with her she went onto the scraps pile. now that my skills have improved along this time i want to give it ago once more, she is certainly going to turn way better than how she would have on those days.
Between other things i wanted to play a little with the idea of an anthro pony, more pony and chuby than human looking.
and more Toothless ofcourse! hahaha, at least one more before the year ends, i have a really nice idea for one i cant wait to try :9
and! i still own a couple price plushies for a acharity from long ago ;_;  i got really delayed with them as i was nervous and unpleased  with what i was making, i thought they were never good enough for such kind people :/
but now im do am going to get them done and be sure to make them grate!  the plushies are going to be a Rarity and a Changeling.

If you have been reading my journals you may be aware i been through lots of things, stress, frustration and the likes, it took the best of me. this got me onto being ridiculous super slow, but i finally getting all things together and as i finish more works be faster.  i been working on it and had the intention of this for a long time now, but just now i feel its actually starting to show. 
i want to apologize to people who waited more than a year or more to get their plushies,  and for those who are waiting as long to see them go open again... this year i haven't been able to go open again not even once :/
thanks so much for your patience and support!, my plan is to reduce waiting time a lot more.  also to get faster at answering messages.  well that has been the plan for a long time :P but just in the last weeks i feel like im really getting into it.

im going to post the list here too for you to check.
the ones i have been finishing have been deleted
green dots are in progress 

if you would like to change your status on the list 
either to cancel it, place it on hold or change what you have requested please let me know

it would be grate if you would still confirm it by leaving a message on this journal

Bullet; Yellow :iconarjuna1356:
...Steampunk Vinyl Scratch & Octavia 

Bullet; Green :iconcattuccino:
... Chibi Fursona  ->  sewing last pieces together

Bullet; Yellow :icondeadparrot22:
... 10" scootaloo +scooter+helmet 

Bullet; Yellow :icondinokat:
... 4" Doctor with tardis barn 

Bullet; Green :iconoceliquid: 
... 8" Sylveon  -> awaiting fabrics

Bullet; Yellow :iconnyvis:
... 4" flutterhsy heart house 
... 9" flutterhsy with fur mane 

Bullet; Yellow :iconshinji324:    
...8"-9" luna standing 
... 9" Umbreon 

Bullet; Yellow :iconyokolobochan24:
...9" Shiny Umbreon - red eyes? 

Bullet; Yellow :iconmindsebbandflow:

Bullet; Green :iconyorifia:
...11" Yoltik --> drafting pattern  

Bullet; Green @Ludik-olo
...30cm Ludicolo awaiting fabric

Bullet; Yellow :iconotherunicorn:
...4" pony with pod 

Bullet; Yellow :iconkissable-arts: 
...Shiny Riolu 

Bullet; Yellow :iconmlpisloved:
...4" Derpy Chocolate muffin + pony and tardis 

Bullet; Yellow :iconleahlinn:
...4" Derpy -Chocolate muffin 

Bullet; Green :iconyokokinawa:
...4" Steampunk Rainbow dash  -> pony done, working on gear

Bullet; Green @ Tara 
...Sylveon and shiny silveon --> awaiting fabrics

Bullet; Yellow @ alexhalloran54
...1.50 Ft mew 
... 1.50 Ft posable Scizor 

Bullet; Yellow @ Marco ramirez size Riolu (28 inches tall ) 

Bullet; Green:icondark-faerie-tales:
..14" espeon cub --> editing photos

Bullet; Yellow @ Rainbowmilk mew 

`*-., ON HOLD ,.-*`

Bullet; White:iconfoxi3: 
Bullet; White:iconinkysky:
..custom OC mew 

`*-., TRADES  ,.-*`

:bulletyellow: :iconbananamantis:
Weaver Felt doll

:bulletyellow: :iconcaffwin:

:bulletgreen: :iconadamlhumphreys:
...Miny chrisalis with heaert house  -> drafting pattern
Mini luna with moon house

:bulletgreen: :iconnazegoreng:
...Needle Fleted Okami -> Finishing details
...Tyrunt Pokedoll

Thanks again for taking the time to read!
hope you are doing grate


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Updating info!

Wed Sep 24, 2014, 10:37 PM
Top Bird

Hello everyone!
according to my most recent poll it seems you do are quite interested on my commissions list :o
and also have some competitive stalkers XD hello there!

All right!
ill be making it public on the next days
i first need to arrange it and update it :)
to make it understandable :P

ill be also posting my trade list :)

Not posting my personal projects tho, i always re arrange and add, and fix and change it a lot
so it would be a mess and a bit pointless to post it, specially as there is no established point in time to finish it.
and it is ridiculous long!!!! XD

Thanks everyone one for your colavoration in my polls
and for taking your time to read and watch my stuff :)

Hope you are doing grate and having a grate time!


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Little feature

Fri Aug 29, 2014, 8:13 PM
Top Bird

Just look at this girl!
i mean
look at her
look at her glow!

LED Luna Mane and Tail Animated by adamlhumphreys

You could easily fall a sleep just watching at her twinkle and shine 

Oh! and more updates coming soon!

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Update on pet situation.

Thu Aug 21, 2014, 5:33 PM
Top Bird

First i Want to hank everyone who helped me and supported me with this situation.
thank you for caring and thank you for your words.

Thanks to all the ones who left me a comment, 
shared my previous journal 
and a really big and Special thanks to all the ones who bought
items from my etsy and donated some funds.
even if it wasn't much things got sorted.

There is still a little to cover, but ill be able to finish a couple things soon and that would do the trick.

My doggie is much better now
I talked to the vet, the surgery went grate, with no complications.
the "tumor" on her neck seems to have been a little internal injury she must have done with the collar during a walk (she pulls a lot, pretty strongly) 
so it was some blood that was trapped inside and there wasn't any open wound.
She is eating and in good mood, recovering well and with no major trouble.
we still cant bring her home tho, but it shouldn't take long for that to happen.
i miss her so much!

Thank you so much everyone!
thanks so much!

Im still going to list some kitties on my store, with so many things happening around i wasn't able to take proper photos and place them there ;/
but if you are interested i may place them there around next week.

And i cant stop saying thank you enough


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Help Please?

Tue Aug 12, 2014, 12:25 AM
Top Bird

Hello everyone!
I come to you today in need of some help 
Im not sure how to to do it tho, im bad approaching people, and i hardly ever ask for help...
But this time is not about me, so i need to try.

Here is the thing
Our pet, a mix breed dog, needed to go onto surgery today.
She had recently developed this "tumors" on her mammary glands, we were keeping an eye on them and talking to the vet constantly, they weren't downsizing and today we noticed they got infected, the vet he also discovered another "tumor" inside her neck under the collar (thats why we weren't aware of it) and he said he also needed to take samples,  she will also need to stay at the clinic after the surgery until he can get the stitches out, it would be quite risky to have her at home, she loves to run jump and go all over the place and she can open her wounds again.
This are all expenses none of us expected, and at home im the one that has the biggest possibility to sort with them, but i still fall short to be able to cover it all.

Im not asking for charity, and i can not offer rush commission, i already have lots of work and don't want to start new ones and delay those from people who are currently waiting with their works on progress, that would be more messy and stressful.
its also going be a couple weeks before i get anything finished.

So what kind of help im looking for?
Well, i plan on placing several things for sale on my etsy from works ive done before 
i have some works i made a time ago, like my "kitties on the mail"
  Pink fields by Piquipauparro that come on a little "yute" envelope, they would be priced around  $9.90  
I also have some needle felted figures, a ferret,  and some other cuties at various prices.
i hope that by tomorrow night ill have most things listed

Ill be adding  photos of all of them on y gallery as i place them on my etsy 

I also still have a Shiny mew for sale there
and  Rainbow Dash is still available too (not listed on my etsy tho.)
New Rainbow dash - Handmade plush - FOR SALE by Piquipauparro
I may also be selling a Sweetie Belle i made a little ago that i was thinking on keeping for myself, but i think it will be the best to sell her.

It would be amazing if you could help me with this.
And it would be even more awesome if you could help me by sharing this with someone you think may be interested
or maybe sharing on your own journal.

Any help is and will be highly appreciated!

Thanks so much for taking your time to read
hope you are doing grate!

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Hey there!

Tue Jul 15, 2014, 5:35 PM
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Hello everyone!
Thanks for coming to read this journal post!

First of i Want to Thank every single person that took  the time to come and Wish me a happy Birthday! it was so Sweet and so nice to read all you messages, ill be replying to all of you but want to say thank here too.
You really made my day a much better day  <3

And as much as i say it i cant get to be more active concerning posts and comments, :I  not that i dont care, all your messages mean a ton to me, is Just that i keep working on some personal projects between commissions and sometimes they end taking much more time than expected. i been able to finish more commissions, the more i finish the less stressed i feel and the faster i become.  i hope you'll like what i been working on.. there are still things to finish but at least there have been some things done.

Im looking forward to have everything ready  mostly because the end of the year is near and Shipping parcels during Holiday season (from late November to middle January) as the postal service gets overwhelmed with work and Shipped items can take from one to two and a half  months to arrive or even get lost (usually they arrive within 15 days) and as i dont want to Risk any package you can be sure That during this period of time i wont be making any customs orders, so i really need to have everything ready and shipped before November.  thus  im still not going to be very active just yet :P
Ill keep you updated hoping  i can get to be open for commissions before the mentioned period of time before.

I hope you are all doing awesome and having a grate time

Hope to see you around

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Whats up...

Wed May 28, 2014, 9:25 PM
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About this and that..

Hello evreyone!
Do you see it? do you see it? my profile page looks all pretty once again yay!
I plan to keep an eye on my Deviant a bit more,  i still feel it seems kind of abandoned, or maybe is just me.

Things have been improving around, there have been some stress and pressure on the past weeks, don't want to talk about all that has going on, i just want to keep on going  (thanks to all  that stress my jaw got stressed and is kind of stuck and in pain, i can open it properly  :P)
I do have my hope that thing may improve now, there are still things to have in mind and "worry" about, but i doing my best to not let those overwhelm me so ill be able to work, im quite a worrisome person it seems :/
i took some brakes, and been taking my time to craft, ill be posting some finished works soon.

I also hope i can take some other projects and plushies i been wishing to make for a long time. working on commissions only can be a bit frustrating when there are other ideas you want to develop, some of those may be placed for sale later, others wont. you´ll see.

What about commissions?

Well, they are still closed atm
with all the delays and stuff i went trough i got delayed, but now im working to get everything ready, i may change the way i take commissions next time they go open so this wont happen again (you know, tons of people waiting for me to get things done)
My current commission list has 21 plushies,  3 of those  are already on the works.  now with my new sewing machine im working faster, so i hope it wont be long for them to be ready.
I also have some pending trades, i trying to work on those too. the plan is to have everything ready by the end of July... or so.  talking about that, i used to post my commission list with whom and what was being requested, (but got lost when i lost my subscription) do you think i should do it again?

Well, im not sure what else to say
Ill be around, hope to see you commenting and faving, it means a lot to me!


Thanks for reading!

* --..oOo..-- *

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Hello everyone!
Thanks for taking the time to come and read my journal!

As you may have notice im still quite absent, haven't done major updates latey.

Things have been still quite busy, and things with real life have quite demanding lately.
most started when the sickness of an uncle went from bad to worst, this lead to doing constant visits to the hospital, (he was really bad) and attending the family, specially as we were told he didn't had much time left, other close family members cam to visit from other states to help and support, His wife specially has been through a lot of stress off course, not only because of my uncle health but because  their son wedding planed in the next week, and her daughter with an upcoming baby.
Thank God Just a few days ago he went back from the hospital and looks much better, he is more conscious again but still, not much we can do but help him be as comfortable as possible.
The family that came to visit also stayed as they were also going to attend the wedding, and you know, when some family gets reunited good and bad dings come out, and as they are family we dont see that often constant visits to meet are scheduled, so you can imagine, sometimes things are really cool and sometimes they feel quite stressing :/
Due to all these things i been arriving late, i made the mistake of trying to get things done by staying up late... really late at night... or more like until next day morning. lack of sleep is bad for everyones back, and some one with previous problems (on high school i needed to go to the chiropractic due to some severe pain) its specially bad, for the last weeks i been having some pain that stays almost all day and has extended the neck and shoulders, i really need to take care of this or will need to go to the chiropractic again :/

But on much better news i got myself a new sewing machine! when the one i had (pretty old singer) started failing again and doing a total mess i decided to stop sending it to repair and buy a new one. grate grate decision, the new one works like wonder, im amazed! never thought sewing with a machine was such a pleasent experience XD really! 
i was so used to fighting with the other one that it became something "normal" to deal with and never thought things could  be different and way better, specially as that was the only machine i ever worked with. so yeah, hahaha i ended that bad relationship for my own mental health and now things are much better with this new sewing machine... that said...   stay away from Singer!! bad bad Singer! D: ... they are not even that pretty! :P

So, i dont  know when things may calm down with the mentioned stuff regarding non crafty life, i been feeling quite tired, stressed and frustrated lately. 

So, as for now lets say ill be on half a brake, i will place commissions on hold, i mean, i am still going to be working on them, but im not going to do as i usually do, to try to get all done even if im tired already because im doing more bad than good, i only making me more tired with headaches and all and im not working at my %100, im slower, clumsier and i been needing to redo certain things more than a couple of times.
so if you are waiting for commissions to open, or are already on the list ill recommend you to sit back and get comfortable until i have some rest too, then ill be able to work at my finest again and work much better.
Ill be contacting everyone on my current commission/waiting lit to confirm who still want to be on it and have everything up to date, Pending trades will also be in hold until i finish the already paid commissions that are waiting to  be finished.

Also please it been taking more than a couple of weeks to reply messages, so if you have written and still haven gotten an answer dont feel im ignoring you, it may be stress not letting me go into getting things done... unless you send me a message asking for patterns, those message are and will keep being discarded with no reply.

My apologizes once again for being so slow, wish i wasnt.

Hope you are doing well  and having a grate time with sunny daze and not so cold weather n_n
Ill keep you updated!


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   Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

Want to acquire  my plushies/art ??

please read the info in the link below

You will find answer to most of your questions and will save us both a lot of time :) (Smile)…


-- Patterns for plushies are NOT for sale NOR free distribution - DONT ask for them!--


Thanks for reading!

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just coming around to keep in touch
my! im terrible at writing journals! jaja

Anyway, the last couple of months i been working as much as i can and will keep it up in order to try to get the most i can finished before the year ends, i need to take a lot of pics. i hope i can be making major updates soon.

Also due to my stress i started making by mistake a pair of extra Mews :P
They are almost finished actually, but as they dont have any real owner im going to place them as "made to order" on my Etsy shop if you are interested on acquiring them.

I also have another couple things prepared.

Hope you are doing well so far!
And that you are not experiencing any climate craze, here in México its been a bit nuts lately :P

Have a Grate weekend!

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   Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

Want to acquire  my plushies/art ??

please read the info in the link below

Its going to answer most of your questions and will save us both a lot of time :) (Smile)…


-- Patterns for plushies are NOT for sale NOR free distribution - DONT ask for them!--


Thanks for reading!

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I been super busy this last days
im working as much as possible at commissions, but im also working on a new project for all you my dear watchers and non watchers :D, its going to take a little until you see it but i hope it wont take too long n_n
please please i ask you for high amounts of patience to get all things done :o

And while im on that i want to share this beautiful video!  *sniff*
specially good if you been feeling down
if you do i hope this will cheer you up a little! stay strong! *hug*…
(the audio is in spanish, but it has properly written captions in english)

Ill write to you soon!
hope you are having some grate days!

Stay creative :D
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